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Restorative Dentistry Improves Little Smiles

five children smiling bigDr. Neda Etessam and the rest of our pediatric team will work very hard to help your child maintain a happy, healthy smile; but sometimes, dental problems can occur regardless. Maybe they hurt their tooth while playing with friends, or perhaps a piece of stray food overstayed its welcome and ended up causing tooth decay. Whatever the reason is, we are here to provide the supportive and effective restorative services your son or daughter needs most; as well as to provide comfort measures to help them feel fully relaxed throughout their treatment. Contact McLean Children’s Dentistry today to schedule a first appointment with Dr. Etessam! We welcome growing smiles from Falls Church, VA and other surrounding areas .

Dental Crowns

blonde haired girl smilingIf your child’s teeth have become too extensively decayed for a stable tooth-colored restoration, or are injured and in need of extra support, Dr. Etessam may recommend a full coverage dental crown to protect the affected dental structure. This restoration is designed to cover the tooth, preserving its natural shape while rebuilding its function. A dental crown may also be recommended for children who have a significantly misshaped tooth. Our goal is to help our young patients smile with confidence!

Root Canals (Pulpectomies)

teen with blue eyes smilingMost adults have heard of root canal therapy – but did you know that they are sometimes necessary for children as well? This treatment (also known as a pulpotomy or pulpectomy) is required when a natural tooth has become severely infected due to the progression of dental decay, or trauma. Dr. Etessam will access the inner chamber of the affected tooth and remove the diseased pulp from the root canals, cleansing and disinfecting the area before replacing it with a safe, biocompatible substance.


Kid opening his mouthWhile Dr. Etessam and the rest of our staff make every effort to help preserve your child’s precious teeth, there are sadly situations where extraction can become necessary to protect both their oral health and overall wellbeing. The reasons behind this include advanced tooth decay, a traumatic injury, or to make space for necessary orthodontic treatment. Thankfully, parents can rest assured that we will help their son or daughter feel completely at ease throughout the extraction process. Sedation dentistry options like nitrous oxide are available to help in case of severe anxiety.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

dental check up on a young girlAt McLean Children’s Dentistry, our team strives to create a warm and friendly environment for children where they can feel at ease. However, we understand that this approach is not always enough to help young patients relax during treatment. That is why Dr. Etessam offers safe and effective sedative methods, including nitrous oxide.

Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a mild sedative that your child will breathe in through a nasal mask. Within minutes, they will begin to feel more comfortable and calm, allowing our team to proceed smoothly with their care. The biggest benefit of nitrous oxide is that once the appointment is completed and the mask has been removed, patients are back to their original state of mind! This means they can return to school with virtually no significant downtime required.

Hospital-Administered General Anesthesia

Dental cleaning for a childHospital-administered general anesthesia is a more involved form of sedation that will render your child unconscious throughout the span of their procedure. Dr. Etessam typically recommends this solution in the following instances:

  • When the child is too young to receive dental treatment comfortably in the office setting
  • When a child suffers from severe anxiety and/or an inability to cooperate with requests
  • When a child is in need of complex restorative care and/or multiple treatments that span a significant amount of time
  • When a child has special needs or medical challenges

Our young patients are always monitored closely while under general anesthesia to ensure their full safety and comfort throughout the procedure.

Tooth Colored Fillings

young boy receiving a dental checkupTooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease. Our McLean pediatric staff will address this problem as soon as we possibly can with tooth-colored fillings. This restorative solution is efficient and conservative.

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