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Pediatric Dental Technology

Pediatric RoomAt McLean Children’s Dentistry, Dr. Neda Etessam is proud to offer her young patients an office environment where they can feel welcomed, entertained, and genuinely at ease throughout every appointment. We have also invested in the latest tools and technologies the dental world has to offer, ensuring greater accuracy and overall comfort. Giving your son or daughter new reasons to smile is our team’s most important goal! Contact us today to schedule your first appointment!  We welcome new patients from Arlington, VA and surrounding areas.

Digital X-Rays

Digital xray of teethOur McLean, VA team utilizes state-of-the-art digital technology to capture high-resolution images of your child’s growing teeth and other facial structures. This allows us to identify potential concerns or abnormalities that may exist ; and that are not visually detectable.

Digital X-rays offer several valuable advantages over traditional film. Instead of relying on darkrooms for slow development, these X-rays are instantly available for viewing on our computer system. We can even magnify, rotate, and color-code the files so that your son or daughter can better understand what they are looking at. With digital x-rays, radiation exposure is also significantly reduced.

Galileos Cone Beam Scanner

Kid using the galileos cone beam scannerWhile digital X-rays are effective when diagnosing restorative and developmental dental issues, their scope can be limited because of their two-dimensional nature. That is why Dr. Etessam chooses to also utilize an advanced Galileos Cone Beam Scanner. These comprehensive, three-dimensional images provide an exceptional level of clarity in regards to understanding growing smiles; allowing our team to view every detail of the oral cavity with accuracy.

DIAGNOdent Cavity Detection

Diagnodent cavity detection machineCavities are one of the most common dental problems for patients of all ages, and because children are still learning how to brush and floss effectively, they tend to affect younger smiles the most. Thankfully, our team can catch them as early as possible with DIAGNOdent. This laser technology performs a thorough scan of your child’s existing teeth, creating a digital read-out that reveals the development of cavities on the chewing surfaces of teeth – even before they’re visible! The scan only takes a few minutes and is completely comfortable. This helps Dr. Etessam avoid the potential need for more involved restorative treatment down the road.

AMD Soft Tissue Laser

Soft tissue laserMany kids will be surprised and excited to learn that our pediatric team uses a neat laser for treating their dental needs! Instead of traditional scalpels, this advanced instrument creates a narrowed beam of light energy that can treat gum disease, remove excessive gum tissue, conduct frenectomies, and much more. With our AMD-brand soft tissue laser, patient comfort is increased and the overall recovery process is accelerated as well. 

(703) 821-1127 1401 Chain Bridge Rd #301
McLean, VA 22101